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Hello valued reader and as always, welcome back to my blog! We are about to come to an end with our mindset series and I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far! Please “Like” and “Share” if you find the info of value!

So, let’s continue with discussing mindset, especially a successful mindset. You see, a “success mindset” or “growth mindset” aren’t just buzzwords. They are a way of life, and in some cases a complete transformation.

If you’re someone who finds it easy to slip into negative thinking, or you get easily stressed when you encounter an obstacle or challenge in your life, learning to nurture a growth mindset could be the solution to helping you live a happier life. But it starts with you.

A growth mindset is an “inside job”. It requires that you do the work needed and that you take
ownership of what is really means to do, to try (and try again), and be the best version of yourself.

No one else can do this work for you.

To help you get started, here are some of the best grow mindset exercises that have worked for me, and countless others. I hope they help you, too.

1: Prepare for Setbacks
Chances are, you’ll find yourself developing the awareness you need to possess a growth mindset rather quickly, especially if you are truly dedicated to the process.

However, it’s important that you prepare for setbacks. As determined as we can be, we all have some setbacks from time to time.

So, prepare mentally for when it happens! Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to back-paddling into a fixed mindset. Recognize how far you’ve come and when self-limiting thoughts creep in, be self-forgiving, refocus your thoughts and get yourself back on track.

2: Be Aware
It’s easy to fall into a negative groove, especially if you’re prone to self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.

This means you have to stay super aware and vigilant in order to block out that negative inner voice.

Instead, switch the narrative. Replace negative inner dialogue with positive statements.

3: Remember that you are in full control
Shaking free of a limiting belief system takes work, but ultimately, we are all capable of possessing a growth mindset.

Don’t limit yourself by fear or self-doubt. Keep in mind that you are in full control of your life, and just as you may have developed negative habits throughout your life, you can just as easily trade those in for positive ones.

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Striving towards a mindset of growth and success is a choice.

How you get there is up to you, but the key is to always remember that you are in control.

You can do this.

Until next time,

Jimmie Wilks, MBA

Retired Air Force Vet & Online Marketer

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